Cowboy Sandwich? How can I NOT read this?

Cowboy Sandwich - Drew Hunt

An m/m/m and the title is Cowboy Sandwich! Seriously, how can I not read this?

Ok two cowboys and an Englishman walk into a bar…no really, that’s what happens.

Barry decides to try and fulfill his cowboy sex fantasy while traveling through the US. One evening he sees two hot cowboys and the idea surpassed his imagination and expectations. Jake and Jimmy have been a couple for years, but when Barry, the cute English muffin (or is it a scone? Or a biscuit?) volunteers to be the filling in their cowboy sandwich they jump at the chance.

Jake and Jimmy have the habit of sprouting cheesy dialog during sex and they have a weird fetish for wearing red and blue respectively and exclusively. They are also very competitive and love to insult each other, but I liked it. It was funny and silly and sort of juvenile. It was cute watching Barry try and keep them both feeling evenly appreciated and feeling like equally hot and sexy cowboy studs.

It’s also one of the few (very few) books I’ve read that gives a small peek at the less than sexy side effects of anal sex, which again, I thought was funny and original.

Barry takes over the household, cooking and trying to keep the red and blue cowboys in line. The ranch hands love him and he’s something of an animal whisperer and the sex is exactly what he’s always wanted. Barry is in cowboy-sandwich heaven.
This might also be a good book for foodies. There are quite a few cooking descriptions and holiday meal preparations. There are some of the typical issues and problems covered in this book, nothing really different or new but an enjoyable ménage book all the same.

I found this a fun, easy read, not angsty or difficult. The cowboys were fun in their sometimes OTT behavior and I liked British Barry quite a bit too.

All in all a cowboy sex-fest meal with a side of sweetness, a dash of silly and a cup of cuteness in puppy form named Rex. A good addition to my ménage story addiction.