Worth reading

Worth Keeping - Susan Mac Nicol

I read this author's Waiting for Rain and enjoyed it a lot.
This book couldn't be more different, but it was just as engaging and held me captive.

it was a dark and stormy night.. really, it was, the night Nick's life would change forever.
He finds Owen washed up on shore and saves him, although I think it could be argued, they saved each other.
Owen is just what Nick needs.
To say Nick had a horribly abusive childhood and trauma would be an understatement and his boyfriend Brad just added to that.
He's resigned to living, existing, he has friends and a very loving adoptive father and the great Socks, his pet monkey.
But he's not happy, he has a lot of dark times and thoughts, self harm and thoughts of ending it all.
Owen is getting over his lover's death, but something about Nick has him sticking around, even when Nick does his best to get rid of him.
They love each other, but is that enough?
Their road is bumpy and a little rocky, then add in Brad que JAWS music and they have a lot to overcome.
It was sad and difficult at times, but I got the pay-off I needed to make it worth it.