I was Caught

Caught! (The Shamwell Tales) - J.L. Merrow


“He looked dangerous and inviting, like a sleazy club on the bad side of town with a half-price drinks offer you know you’ll end up regretting in the morning.”

Robert, I love him, he wears bow ties, named his car and in typical JL Merrow fashion his inner thoughts are great and highly entertaining.

Sean, the pest control worker, motorcycle driving great brother and wonderful uncle and all around sexy hunk. He not only accepts Robert’s quirks, he finds them attractive, but he also feels like he might not quite be up to Robert’s posh standards.

As for Robert, his insecurities, the fear of Sean finding out his secret and that Sean is a bisexual and Robert is sure it’s only a matter of time before he moves on, it’s hard for him to believe this could be more than a fling.
There are a few touching moments, a few embarrassing ones, quite a few funny ones and a burning dress.

I liked the side characters, they rounded the story off well and I was especially happy to have a bisexual character. I thought Sean was good at explaining and clearing up misconceptions about his bisexuality.

All in all a very entertaining story with two, at times a little slow on the uptake men, but that’s what they had Rose for. And as always with this author, the story is full of humor and fun, but also enough meat to keep me hooked. I can’t wait for the next book in the Shamwell tales series.